Customer Stories
December 28, 2020

Customer story: Codental

My name is Leandro and I am one of the founders of Codental.
Codental is a dental software marketed exclusively in Brazil using the SaaS model. We have been in the market for just over 3 years. Currently we have over 3.000 dentists using our software and have a growing demand for image processing and cropping.

Our customers have the ability to upload images to patients' medical records. These images are mostly results of exams, radiographs or photographs taken during dental treatment. We have a mobile app that makes it easy to take and upload these images and our customers love it. Before Libpixel, we used a competing service that had a billing model that didn't fit us.

The decisive factor for choosing Libpixel was the excellent support and the performance, which was superior to the other alternative services we tried.

Today I can safely recommend Libpixel to any company that has a demand for image processing. In fact, during all the time we have been working with them, they never had a downtime.

If you are scaling a SaaS product like Leandro and the team at Codental, make sure you consider Libpixel for your image processing and optimization needs. Use our 2 week trial and see how effective our API is for your image infrastructure. Still not convinced? Check out our other customer stories on our blog.

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