Customer Success Stories

Successful companies, big and small, throughout the world use LibPixel for image processing and delivery. We serve billions of images on customer websites and apps every month.

"It's been a while since we started using Libpixel, and I just wanted to say we are very satisfied with the speed and flexibility improvements that working with Libpixel provides us. We have been growing in volume every month since we started and we're pretty confident about Libpixel's ability to handle the traffic."
Mark Abeno
Co-founder / CTO
"During the many years that we’ve used LibPixel, we’ve had absolutely no issues with it. It’s a simple-to-use service that does one thing and does it very well–something refreshing to see in a SaaS business."
João Cardoso
Senior Developer
"I asked one of our designers why he likes LibPixel and he replied that "it's idiot-proof." If you're a designer and not very technical, the thought of having to configure a CloudFront distribution might be horrifying."
Vesa Vänskä
Partner, Developer
"Libpixel has made real-time image manipulation, optimization and resizing across devices really easy. I was blown away how easy it was when I first used it."
Kasper Tontti
Lead Frontend Developer

Use Cases


Slow load times kill UX and checkout rates. Libpixel fixes just that and improves bounce rates and conversion just by keeping page weight small and having fast image rendering.

Online Media and Social Networks

Libpixel effortlessly generates custom images for publishers & communities, this allows for on the fly composition changes from existing company content or user generated content.

Travel and Hospitality

Engaging imagery are proven to win direct bookings and loyalty. However poorly optimized image galleries on your site can drive visitors away, which has a direct impact on your reservation rates.


With thousands of hi-res photos, multiple image-heavy layouts, and a wide variety of devices to support, online marketplaces need to be built for scale from day one. Hence why Libpixel allows developers to completely outsource the image infrastructure as user numbers start to increase.

Companies using Libpixel

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