Customer Stories
April 17, 2020

Customer story: Smartum

At Smartum, our core business is improving wellbeing and the work-life balance for employees in Finland. But as any business with a digital strategy, serving images is just one of the many things we have to do.

Years ago, as we started to rebuild our products, brand, and online presence–all while accelerating our development–it was a no-brainer to outsource image processing and serving. Focusing on our core business problems can give us a competitive advantage, but focusing on how we process our images and serve them? Not the slightest.

With LibPixel, we’ve been able to simplify our decisions. It’s an obvious need for us to be capable of serving images that are optimized for any screen size, regardless of pixel density. So, for example, when we looked at a CMS for our site, we knew right away that we didn’t need to worry about the image serving capabilities it provides because we knew we’d serve them through LibPixel.

A key differentiator for us is that images are served through LibPixel, not from LibPixel. We always store and own the original content. LibPixel is no more than an image proxy and CDN, making it precisely what we want. We never need to upload images to the service or even integrate with it in any way: it’s fully transparent and vendor-neutral. We’ve been able to migrate between cloud providers by just changing the configuration only in one place using the LibPixel dashboard, all while leaving our applications untouched. Additionally, by having a processing point-of-presence in Europe, we can ensure the lowest possible latency when serving new images.

During the many years that we’ve used LibPixel, we’ve had absolutely no issues with it. It’s a simple-to-use service that does one thing and does it very well–something refreshing to see in a SaaS business.

João Cardoso
Senior Developer at Smartum Oy

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